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Training Services

The American Tundra Shepherd ® 

Dogs and Puppies 

Hi! I'm Fen and I'd like to introduce you to my kennels located in the mountains of West Virginia. We have bottomland, upland, woodland, and a pond. All four seasons are moderate and our dedicated personnel are just waiting to take your dog on a romp, hike, climb or training run. Our specialties are:     

   Basic obedience
   House Breaking
   Boarding & Showers
   Temperament Testing
   Pet Comfort & Cleanliness
Diet & Nutrition
Crate Training
Private classes
Breed Evaluation
Fencing and Housing
Advanced obedience
Group Classes
Personal Consultations
Breed Test Certification
Pet Portraits

      Group classes have a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 6 dogs and are geared to the age and temperament of your pet. We include in basic obedience, familiarization with nail clippers, combs and leashes, tie downs, and travel equipment. The class lasts for 8-10 weeks and we guarantee your dog will pass the final exam and receive a diploma stating your pet's proficiency.

     Of course, the program depends on your daily practice. If you are unable to follow a routine at home why not let us do it for you?! Our Licensed Handler/Trainer is also our resident Licensed Show Judge and Breed Warden and she would be happy to be your dog’s best friend for the 3 1/2 week basic obedience training program or other program tailored to fit you and your dog's needs.


Dogs are walked, groomed, bathed, and fed as per your instructions. Prices vary and all pick-up/ drop-off moments are done by appointment only. Please E-mail us at and we will be happy to respond to your inquiry a.s.a.p. We are an Associate Breeder of the American Tundra Shepherd ® and an affiliate of the Global Kennel Club Inc. founded and established by Frank Catania in Edwardsville Kansas.


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